Using a good credit monitoring system can help prevent identity theft in its early stages, before any serious damage has been done to your finances. A credit monitoring service can notify you of any hard inquiries on your credit report, which can flag inquiries you haven not authorized.

Your credit report and score are used for the following and if you are aware of what is on your report, you can make better financial decisions.

  • Interest Rates and extra charges— Your credit reports and scores are used by lenders to decide your creditworthiness, which is basically your ability to pay back the loan. A low credit score indicates a high credit risk, which can result in higher interest rates and fees.
  • Qualifying for Credit Lines—  without a great record of repaying your debts on time and as agreed, lenders might choose to deny you for approval.
  • Insurance, utility bills, etc.— Poor credit can have ongoing effect on areas of your life. For example, auto insurance premiums in nearly every state. The same goes for utility deposits, rent deposits and many more.
  • Identity Theft is growing — We are experiencing the id theft calls coming from apple support and social security. Many of us get caught.
  • Equifax was Breached in 2017 — With so many million socials stolen, any one us could be targeted.
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