How A Secured Credit Card Helps Your Credit Report & Score

Your credit score is the reflection of your credit worthiness.  If you have no credit cards or have never applied for credit, you will have no credit report and score.  If you just went through a bankruptcy a secured credit card is the perfect way to prove your worth again. Your credit report begins by documenting your first loan, credit card or automobile loan.  The score measures your payment history.

We highly recommend opening a secured credit card as a good first step.  A secured credit card begins with advancing your own money. You can use the secured credit card exactly as you would a normal credit card.  But, to fast track ensuring your credit score is positively impacted. we recommend paying the total monthly bill, or if you choose to have a balance, it needs to be very low.    Keeping a low healthy balance on your secured credit card is also beneficial. The lower the balance, the higher your score will be.


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