Click here to access your three credit reports for $1 for a one week trial offer, where you can explore our full-service credit monitoring service. Once your week’s trial is complete, the service is $29.95 per month. This includes:

  • Today’s credit Scores & credit Reports from All 3 Bureaus delivered in seconds
  • A personalized report of factors affecting your credit score
  • Click to communicate with and resolve issues directly with your creditors.
  • See who is looking at your credit
  • Unlimited daily updates of your TransUnion score and report

Checking your credit report regularly can help you make good financial decisions. It will also help you detect signs of identity theft early.

After the Equifax Breach was revealed in 2017, consumers are still vulnerable.  There were more than 1,200 US data breaches in 2018 alone, exposing more than 445 million records. In a recent survey, the majority of respondents have not checked their credit report.

If you like to monitor your report after your one week trial, continuing your monthly subscription will provide ongoing access to your credit report, customized alerts on score changes, solutions, and access to customer service from leading experts in the field. Empower your financial future and take control of your credit.

Who is responsible to keep your credit report in check?

Ultimately, you are responsible for making sure the information on your report is accurate. You should not depend or rely on other entities to help you keep it accurate.  When you find inaccurate information on your report, you can use our service to contact credit bureaus and creditors to ensure issues are corrected in a timely manner.

For more information, please call 800-518-1077

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