Asset Recovery

Online Products: 

1- Address Search

2- Social Security Search

3- Driver’s License

4- Motor Vehicle Search

5- Neighbor Search

6- Comprehensive Search

7- Property Search

Batch Products:

1- Place of Employment

2- Address Locate

6- Phone Search

7- Asset Search


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Pre-Judgment Recovery:

We offer over 100 products for one stop access.  You will have direct access to bureau data, public records, criminal records, and verification products.

Post-Judgment Recovery:

The products are designed to help collection attorneys, collection agencies and judgment recovery companies collect on judgments.  We offer a variety of products and some are as follows:

  • No Hit No Fee Bank Accounts: This product is verified and guaranteed for 60 days. Turnaround time is 3  to 4 weeks.
  • No Hit No Fee Place of Employment: This product is verified and guaranteed for 6 months.  Turnaround time is 4 weeks.
  • No Hit No Fee Address Locate: This product has a turn around time of one week.




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