Smartpay: Online Rental Application Designed for Landlords

What you will receive:


The credit report will provide a history of payments to credit cards and loans, addresses, and employment. 


National Criminal Report provides incarcerations and jail sentences anywhere in the United States

Eviction Report

The Eviction Report represents the history of evictions and lawful detainer activity.

Your Custom Rental Application is a Simple Link

You can provide the link to your potential tenants to fill out. They complete, use their credit card and your report and rental ap will be available to you instantly. 

You Choose What You Want to Charge!

Our portal will charge tenant’s credit card, run the report, and will email you when the report is done.

Tenants Will Run the Credit Report and will pay with their Own Credit cards.

The rental application will come to your email and the credit report will be delivered to your secured portal.

In Just 3 Simple Steps Start Having Your Online Rental Application Without All The Hassle 

Step 1

Step 2

Wait 2 or 3 Days


Step 3

We will email your rental app’s link

Why The Credit Bureau Can Step Up Your Tenant Screening Process? 

Build Authority

Content marketing positions you as an expert, building trust and credibility in your field.

Grow and Nurture Your Relationships

Stay at the top of the mind of your network and professional contacts.

Save Time

We save our clients 3-10 hours per week by using our smart pay online rental application.

Save Money

Busy real estate agents and property managers will save money when everything is automated.

Ready To Build Your Authority With The Credit Bureau?

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