Skip Tracing Services: Get the Insights and Locate with Precision for Effective Results

Find Anyone is your number one source for the latest skip tracing tools and skip tracing searches for repossession and collection companies.  You will have access to more than 100 searches.

People Search
Basic search returns Name, Age, DOB, SS#, Current Address, Phone, Historical Addresses, Aliases and Date of Death. When using the People Search, it is best to enter a social security number for maximum results. A Trace Detail report can also be requested from this report to provide detailed information on relatives and neighbors.

Comprehensive Search
This is a secondary search accessed from the People Search. This report provides additional phone information and/or contact information for relatives and neighbors. It also provides additional information regarding relatives, friends and neighbors that they are residing with.

Work and Place of Employment
This report is a low–cost solution to find the employer to collect judgments and repossessed autos.

Two Credit Bureau Header Search
This search eliminates costly reports from credit bureaus by allowing you to search two credit bureaus for credit header information with one product.

Driver’s License Search
With this search, you can instantly identify fraud and validate applicant information against official driver’s license registration records.

Business Search & Business Report
Find a business with this national search. Additional information, like bankruptcies, filings, known domains and SIC codes, is also available by requesting a report from the search.

UCC Search
It provides details from a loan made by a corporation. This includes items used for collateral.

Secretary of State Filing Search
This search will find Secretary of State Filings for all 50 states to find corporate registration and additional background information.

Phone and Address Lookup
We offer Targus which is the the most powerful database for address and phone lookup. This product will reveal the individuals living at any address and their phone numbers.

Reverse Address and Phone Lookup
This product combines directory assistant with our own proprietary databases.

Super Phone
A Super Phone search should be your primary search for finding an individual’s current phone number. This product searches multiple phone databases to cover multiple listings and offers the best chance of a direct match.

OFAC Patriot Act Search
The Office of Foreign Assets Control(“OFAC”) of the US Department of the Treasury administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions based on US foreign policy and national security goals against targeted foreign countries, terrorists, international narcotic traffickers, and those engaged in activities related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. OFAC maintains a watch list of specially designed nationals. A check can be made against this watch list to confirm or deny that an applicant’s name appears there.

SSN Validation
This tool allows you to validate the Social Security number itself, the individual associated with that number and any other special indicators, e.g., deceased.

Verify Express
This product helps eliminate incomplete, out–of–date, erroneous and fraudulent applications and returns a fraud probability score.

Identity Check
Identity Check verifies the customer and ensures you are doing business with a real person and not a made-up identity.

ID Identhicate Report
This Q&A product generates simple questions, e.g., what is the city of your current address, to authenticate the applicant.

National Federal Criminal
The product is designed to find all federal criminal offenses from all courts in the United States.

US Sex Offender Report
This product searches for sex offenses from multiple databases in the nation.

Manual County Court Search
This thorough field based report returns civil judgments, e.g., evictions, foreclosures, defaults and disputed contracts, for a specific county.

Bankruptcies, Liens & Judgments
Past bankruptcies, liens and judgments will be revealed  by running this report.

Eviction, Suites, Liens & Judgment Search
This search not only returns evictions, but also searches for liens and judgments filed from all 50 states. This product searches for sex offenses from multiple databases in the nation

MVR Driver Records (Jurisdiction Fee Applies)
MVR Driver Records returns actual records from the DMV that allow you to assess risk and employment screening for positions related to transportation.

Motor Vehicle Search
This powerful product searches the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) database instantly to find information on vehicles and associated owners.

Property Search
Details from a deed or assessor’s office is available nationwide.

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