Tenant Screening & Background Checks


Tenant Screening Service - Smart Solutions for Informed Rental Decisions

Add-On Manual Searches

Employment Verification $20

7-Year County Criminal Search $22


Credit Reports

Credit Reports will provide you with the following information on your tenant:

  • FICO Score
  • Public record items if they exist, such as:
    • Tax liens (reported for 7 years after the lien is filed)
    • Judgments (reported for 7 years after the judgment entered)
    • Chapter 7 bankruptcies (reported for 10 years following the bankruptcy)
    • Chapter 13 bankruptcies (reported for 7 years following the bankruptcy)
    • Collection items (if they exist) and their status
    • Up to 7 years of credit history
  • Credit History includes the following credit accounts and how they have performed on them, whether they are on time with their payments or are late, and if they are, to what extent:
    • Bank Loans
    • Home Loans
    • Automobile Loans
    • Credit Cards Student Loans

Criminal Reports

As crime prevention becomes the top priority in our communities, protecting our neighborhood from drug trafficking, violence, theft, etc. is possible by screening new employees and new tenants. You can receive your criminal reports over the Internet by joining TheCreditBureau.com. The turn-around time on criminal reports is immediate and the reports are  returned online.

Eviction Reports

This report will reveal if your future tenant has even been evicted and it will pinpoint who evicted them, and when.


Business Credit Reports

Experian Credit Profile provides accurate, current and complete information to enhance your decision-making capabilities when businesses are trying to rent from you. The business reports are available for smaller businesses as well as large ones. No authorization is necessary to run business reports on large companies.  Authorization is necessary when ordering small business advisory reports on smaller or medium size businesses, when the owner’s personal credit report is pulled together with the business report.

Skip Tracing Products

Address Locate $3.00

Neighbors and Family Search $7.76

Motor Vehicle Search $8.00

Driver’s License Search $6.00

MVR Driver’s Record $25.00

Property Search $20.00

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