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Victim of Fraud? Freeze Your Credit Report

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1) Run your reports asap and look for suspicious activity such as address change, name change, new credit cards and new loans that have been opened without your permission. You will also have access to the customer service line if you need help deciphering the reports. It costs $1 for the first week and $29.90 per month thereafter:

2) For assistance on how to clear fraudulent activity on your reports, read:

Remove Fraudulent Items off your credit report 

3) Once you have a handle on your reports and what needs to be addressed, freeze your report immediately. Follow the instructions here:

How to Freeze Your Credit Report

4) We recommend continuing the monitoring of your reports – this is because there may be previous activities around the identity theft that has yet to appear on your report, and you need to be able to catch that as soon as it happens. You can also use the score analyzer to see how your score is progressing and what to do to improve your score.

5) If you would like to buy a car or want to apply for a new credit card, you’ll need to temporarily unfreeze your reports. Follow the instructions here to do that:

Search results for “unfreeze” | The Credit Bureau (

Then refreeze your reports once you’re done. Freezing only lasts 12 months – you’ll have to refresh it going forward.

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